Try these fabulous trial databases!

It’s that time of the term…you’re starting to pay attention to those research paper deadlines.  If you haven’t yet started that paper, you’re in luck! The Campus Library is experimenting with several databases offering viewpoints and perspectives (backed up with facts and basic scholarship) on a huge number of topics.   We’re just trying these out (we’ll have access to them ‘till about mid-March or so) and will probably end up subscribing to one of them.   

These trials are for COCC/OSU-Cascades folks…take a look (and get a jump-start on your research) then get back to ConXn and let us know what you think.  Oh, and nope, these nifty databases won’t write that paper for you, but they can give you that basic information you need to get started. 

Oh…here’s another thing…after you retrieve the basic facts you’re going to go to our Campus Library webpage and follow up by searching online catalogs (to retrieve books on your topic) and periodical databases (articles), right?

OK, so first try Opposing Viewpoints Database.    Your user name is: career (case sensitive).  Your password is: standards (case sensitive). Look for the “curriculum” link in the left hand frame…then scroll down a bit to find the link to “Opposing Viewpoints”. 

Opposing Viewpoints includes articles from over 450 social issues print volumes, statistics and government information from the “Information Plus” series, background and contextual information from reference books such as “Bioethics for Students” and “Civil Rights in the United States”.   Opposing Viewpoints also includes articles from the New York Times and over 2000 links to related websites. 

Next, try Points of View Reference Center.  (This trial is available from the COCC campus only).  Point of View is a full-text database designed to provide students with a series of essays that present multiple sides of a current issue.  The database provides 200 topics, each with an overview (objective background/description), point (affirmative argument) and counterpoint (opposing argument). 

So, which database do you like best…get back to us and let us know!  


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