Too much to handle…

Living in a whirlpool of data? Experiencing information anxiety? Well, the main reason may not be finals week…. The International Data Corporation issued a recent report according to which, “The world generated 161 billion gigabytes — 161 exabytes — of digital information last year,” and that’s way too much to store for future access! The article More Digital Data Than Space raises some good questions about our ability as well as responsibility to preserve this mass of information for future access and use. Check out the article!


One Response to Too much to handle…

  1. Michele DeSilva says:

    On a related note…

    Just like there’s more electronic data than our computers can handle, we’re consuming more and more information ourselves. Data from the most recent “Statistical Abstract for the United States” (I know – sounds boring, but there’s lots of interesting stuff in there) shows just how much information we are (attempting) to take in.

    Total media (TV, Internet, video games, books, newspapers, magazines, radio, etc.) usage for the year of 2007 is projected to be 3,518 hours per person. That’s the equivalent of 146.5 days! Of the total hours, 1, 555 (that’s 64.8 days) are spent watching TV.

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