Finding e-journals at the Campus Library

So, let’s say you want to find a particular journal in the Campus Library…and you really want to see if it is available in full text electronic format.  There’s a bunch of ways to do this, but the fastest way might be to use the E-Journals link on the Campus Library webpage.

Once you are at the E-Journals page, you’ll see two links:

    COCC Library electronic journal collection :  browse or search this list for e-journals available to current COCC students, faculty and staff as well as to OSU Cascades students and other patrons from within the Campus Library.

    OSU Libraries electronic journal collection : browse or search this list for e-journals available to current OSU Cascades students, faculty and staff as well as to local (COCC students and others) patrons from within the Campus Library. 

OK…any patron (including folks from the community) can use either link from within the Campus Library building. 

Additionally, if you’re a COCC staff or student, you may access the COCC electronic journal collection from home. 

If you’re a OSU-Cascades staff or student, you may access the OSU electronic journal collection from home.

Now, here’s two fabulous things:

1) Each library’s e-journal link lists every full text electronic journal contained in ALL the databases and e-journal collections owned by that library.  COCC’s e-journal link will lead you to ALL of the full text electronic journals appearing in any of the databases and electronic journal collections owned by COCC.  Ditto for OSU. 

Isn’t that neat-o?  You don’t have to search a zillion different databases for that one full text electronic journal!

2) Once you get to the full text electronic journal, you can search by specific volume, issue and date (if you have a particular citation) OR search by subject term or keyword WITHIN that particular electronic journal.

So, let’s try it.  I need to find an article in Journal of Mammology.  I’m doing this from home as a COCC staff person, so I am hoping to find this journal in a full text, electronic format.  I go to the Library homepage and look for that link E-Journals.  I click on the link.  Since I am a COCC person, I then click on  COCC Library electronic journal collection.

I get a basic search form and type in my JOURNAL title:
Journal of Mammology.

I retrieve these results:

Journal of mammalogy  (0022-2372)

from 11/01/1919 to 11/30/2001 in JSTOR
from 2000 to present in BioOne and BioOne.1
from 02/01/2004 to 6 months ago in Academic Search Premier

Isn’t that cool?  The results tell me which database or collection has the Journal of Mammalogy full text and for which dates. 

I click on the link that gives me the dates that I need…that leads me to a list of links for each volume/issue of the journal.  I either check tables of contents of each issue (if I’m just browsing) or I click on the particular volume/issue that matches my citation (if I’m looking for a specific article).  Each article in the table of contents has a link for full text. 

If the journal is listed for an Ebsco database or a JSTOR collection, you can do some keyword searching within that particular journal as well–just look for a link that says something like search within this publication.

Go ahead–try it out!  Oh, and remember, if you don’t have a particular journal title in mind, and just need to find journal articles from any journal on a topic…you go to the Articles & more: Databases link from the Campus Library webpage, right?


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