Kurt Vonnegut, R.I.P.

Thursday’s news about Kurt Vonnegut’s death left me with the sad feeling that another great author and mind has left the world. I still remember how impressed I was with his unique style of writing when I first read Slaughterhouse Five as a college student in the 1980s. Vonnegut revolutionized science fiction, reinventing it as a more respected literary genre through which readers can actually find meaningful, thought-provoking messages. His anti-war stance and pessimistic view of human nature, a product in part of his own WWII experiences, will always remain relevant for as long as people in this world refuse to get along. So it goes…

Want to know more about Kurt Vonnegut and his writing? Check Gale’s Literature Resource Center, a huge database our library subscribes to for biographical and critical information on literary authors. To find this database:

– go to the library web page (http://campuslibrary.cocc.edu)
– click on Articles & More: Databases
– select by subject “Humanities,” or click on See all COCC databases A-Z.

Some of the Vonnegut books in the Campus LibraryAlso,

Books in the Campus Library by Kurt Vonnegut
Books in the Campus Library about Kurt Vonnegut
New York Times obituary


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