Meet our staff…and meet Flickr!

Unless you took our post about feed readers to heart and are reading this blog through another interface you have probably noticed the Flickr photos on the right. Maybe you’ve even clicked the “more photos” link that leads to the campus library’s Flickr photo pool.

Flickr describes itself as an “online photo management and sharing application” designed to “help people make their photos available to the people who matter to them” and “enable new ways of organizing photos.” It could be described as an online photo album, but it’s much more than that. Not only can you use Flickr to share and organize your own photos, you can use it to find other people who share your interests. Find a Flickr group. Leave a comment for a friend or ask a total stranger a question. Find a picture available under a Creative Commons license to illustrate a PowerPoint or blog post. Browse the Flickr world map for photos of a place you’ve never been.

So, if you haven’t already, meet the folks who work in the library. Join the Campus Library Flickr group and post your own photos of the library, or just check out all the photos tagged “campuslibrary” for inspiration. We’d love to see the library through your eyes.


3 Responses to Meet our staff…and meet Flickr!

  1. […] There’s been lots of buzz around the new joint project between the Library of Congress and flickr, the photo sharing site we blogged about last year. […]

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  3. tina hovekamp says:

    If you are new to Flickr, to learn more about it visit the web site:
    Newbie’s Guide to Flickr at


    Flickr Tutorial Series at:

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