A path to riches

Just read that entrepreneurship has become THE new hot study major in the U.S.! Whether it’s through single course offerings or through whole degree programs, entrepreneurial studies seem to be on the rise from community colleges to university campuses responding to student desire to finish with a degree which they believe could actually help them become independent and rich!  Educators believe that this new trend is also attributed to the media’s heightened focus on success stories of people who manage to make a fortune for themselves by taking risks in the business world.  And, of course, who could dispute the influence of TV shows such as “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” or “Survivor” on our everyday musings about the possibilities of personal wealth!  I also can’t help thinking how easily young people may be influenced by news from the “virtual” Internet business world filled with a new generation of rich and famous who are making their fortunes in their early 20s!

So, checking this new trend, I searched the COCC course offerings to see if our college is one of those following such developments in student enrollments and interests. Unfortunately, I found no programs on entrepreneurial studies per se (although I was told that the college will ofer a course on entrepreneurship in Spring ’08).  I then checked one of our library databases, CollegeSource Online, to see which other colleges and universities in the country offer such degrees or courses on entrepreneurship (note that you may use CollegeSource Online to find any college catalog and course offerings in the U.S!). Here is information on how to locate them:

– go to the library web page (http://campuslibrary.cocc.edu/) and click on Articles & More: Databases
– click on See all COCC databases A-Z
– select CollegeSource Online
– click on “SEARCH” on the database menu (next to “HOME” on the blue menu bar)
– on the next page, “Criteria Search” will allow you to search by college degree, Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies, institution type, state and tuition range.

Who knows?  One day our college may be one of those cranking out bold entrepreneurs ready to conquer the world!


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