Library 2.0 right here!

Hey–had a great “college hour” session last Friday up in Grandview in which fellow librarians Tina, David and I talked about Library 2.0/Web 2.0 applications–even using this blog as an example!  Take a look at the webpage we used for our demo.  It features a lot of great stuff–info about Library as Information commons, e-based reference services and e-based collections as well as links to background articles and easy free versions of web 2.0 applications.  

I’ve highlighted some of the applications we discussed right here in this post, too.  Enjoy!

YouTube–instructional use includes “how to demos”; student presentations; brief informal lectures.
Using the Library video
 Databases (video–slightly weird content)
 No Cookies in the Library video 
 Inside HigherEd on use of YouTube in the classroom
 YouTube How Tos
 Wikis–instructional use includes student collaborative research and writing.
We used one to help create this presentation!
 Wikis are used to co-edit and collaborate on topics.
 For example, here’s an information literacy wiki.
 Can be used for student collaboration and presentation within courses.
For example, here’s Chronicle of Higher Ed on a Bowdowin College instructor use of Wiki’s.
 7 things you should know about Wikis (Educause)

Free, make-it-in-30 seconds Wiki do-it-yourself web-based application.

 Wikis as online encyclopedias–instructional use includes exploration for preliminary information and evaluation of resources.

  Citizendium Beta


 Blogs–instructional use includes student discussion, inter-department collaboration and discussion.
 (Example: students post research on blog…librarian posts with additional research tips.)

 Educause 7 things you should know about blogs
 Free web-based blog (

 Tag clouds–possible uses include online catalogs and subject analysis.
Sample Library “subject” tag cloud.
 Presidential tag cloud at
 Tag cloud generator application at


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