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One Response to Suggestions?

  1. John Osborne says:

    Tina, recently I asked a library admin if it sent an e-newsletter to community members – so that we could attend events. Your response was; “Yes, we actually do have a “newsletter”! It’s our blog, ConXn!”

    A blog or a blog feed is not the same nor as effective as an e-newsletter. Not everyone thinks “hey, I’m going to check the library blog/feed to see what’s news and happening.”

    Many of us have long frustrating experiences re: the disconnect between libraries and community. Consider taking another step with community members, send us an e-newsletter.

    Also, its not clear where the newsletter/ event section is on this blog, or how to get to the blog from the home page. I used the search engine to find ConXn!, but five others that I forwarded ConXn! were unable to find it from the college home page.


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