A sexy library…

Ok, I can’t help myself making a blog entry on this one! There was a little blurb in The Bulletin the other day about a new library fundraising venture in Vienna, Austria.  Apparently, Vienna’s City Hall has set up a “sex hotline” to raise money for the remodeling and expansion of this capital’s main public library.  According to a news release, “Anne Bennent, a famous Austrian stage and film star, reads passages from Vienna library’s collection of 1,200 works of erotic fiction from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.” Apparently, each caller pays 53 cents per minute to listen to the actress’ sexy voice as she reads selections from the library’s “special” collection. I am wondering, could something like that ever happen in the U.S.  capital without an open public outcry?

I did try to find more information on the Vienna City Hall and discovered that it’s indeed a gorgeous historical building described as THE “dream wedding location”!  I guess it all makes sense…. I am only wondering if that phone number on their web page it’s going to cost me only 53 cents per minute considering I’m on the other side of the ocean….   I bet you not!


3 Responses to A sexy library…

  1. kgronemyer says:

    Hey John,
    Check out the new option to have blog posts delivered to your email (right above the rss feeds.) Also, check out one of our early posts on feed readers–you can have all of the posts from blogs you read (and the many other websites that offer rss feeds) delived to a single webpage. This solves the problem of having to remember to go to different places. I check my feed reader like I check my email. Sometimes I wish it wasn’t so easy!

  2. j says:

    that is too bad that people aren’t willing to donate money purely for the love of knowledge or reading a good book

  3. John Osborne says:

    Tina, recently I asked a library admin if it sent an e-newsletter to community members – so that we could attend events. Your response was; “Yes, we actually do have a “newsletter”! It’s our blog, ConXn!”

    A blog or a blog feed is not the same nor as effective as an e-newsletter. Not everyone thinks “hey, I’m going to check the library blog/feed to see what’s news and happening.”

    Many of us have long frustrating experiences re: the disconnect between libraries and community. Consider taking another step with community members, send us an e-newsletter.

    Also, its not clear where the newsletter/ event section is on this blog, or how to get to the blog from the cocc.edu home page. I used the search engine to find ConXn!, but five others that I forwarded ConXn! were unable to find it from the college home page.


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