The Rotunda Gallery highlights the OSU-Cascades BFA Student Art Exhibition

You’ve just got to see this…

Bright and beautiful, subdued and mysterious are just some of the descriptions of the current art pieces exhibited in the Rotunda Gallery. Seven students who are participating in the BFA Exhibition will receive the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree this June.  They have worked long and hard to get this far under the steady guidance of Sandy Brooke, OSU-Cascades Art Instructor.  This showing however is, and I quote Sandy Brooke, ‘ the complete invention of the students.  They have determined as a professional artist does, the content, direction and techniques to compose their paintings’.

The seven students are; Leslie Ciszek, Mary Lancaster, Jenifer Smith, Rachel Grimes, Tresa Burnett, Jennifer Lewis and Megan MacDonell. There are also personal writings about each of their experiences in creating this work in a collection of Artist Statements, which is in an Exhibition Booklet at the Front desk.  These amazing emerging artists share their love of painting, their individual processes of painting from within, and their aspirations for reaching the viewer through a more ‘human experience’. 

You’ve just got to see this intriguing and engaging work. The Opening Reception is Thur., May 17 from 4 to 6 pm in the Campus Library Rotunda Gallery.  The exhibit will show from May 14 until June 18, 2007.  Congratulation’s BFA recipients… this was a job very well done.


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