Yaaarrr!!! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day (ITLAPD) is a holiday I couldn’t allow to pass without mention. Though some may burst with pirattatude year-round, September 19th is the official day on which to celebrate your inner pirate.

Though ITLAPD is about talking like pirates, the creators are careful to point out they do not condone acting like pirates. Real pirates do still exist, though undoubtedly unadorned with the “traditional” Jolly Roger and parrot. This month’s National Geographic Magazine has an article about pirates in the Malacca Strait, a passage in Southeast Asia. If you don’t want to read it online you can also stop by and take a look at the paper copy in the library’s new periodicals section.

Happy Int’l Talk Like a Pirate Day original from tomeppy//www.flickr.com/photos/tomeppy/

More link booty:
The official International Talk Like a Pirate Day website
How to be Speakin’ Pirate-like” from the Official British Headquarters of ITLAPD
The Flickr photosharing group for ITLAPD
…and, of course, I cannot fail to mention our library contains a few books about pirates, privateering, and buccaneers–check them out!


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