The best surpise news!

golden_notebook.jpgAuthor Doris Lessing was taken by surprise as she became the oldest winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature this month. According to NPR, the British writer had been named as a candidate for the Nobel prize several times before, but she was still shocked to hear the news from  a crowd gathered in front of her home a few weeks ago.

Besides The Golden Notebook(1962), which is her best known novel, Lessing’s literary work has been praised for the depth of writing on “hot” political and social topics such as racism,  communism, feminism, or environmentalism.  At the age of 88, Lessing is still an active writer currently working on a new novel dealing with the damaging effects of World War I on people’s lives.  

Looking for a book to read? Here, in our college library, we have a collection of 13 books by Doris Lessing.  You may also visit our downtown Public Library with this author’s 21 titles for you to pick from, including The Golden Notebook.  Happy reading! 


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