Common Craft: simple explanations of complicated stuff (or, how to survive zombie season in just three minutes.)

While many of us in higher education (and particularly us library-types) are really attached to learning by reading and writing, videos like the ones from Common Craft are a great reminder that sometimes a picture really is…well, you know.

My first post to this blog was about RSS feed readers, a technology to help you keep up with new information on the web. One of Common Craft’s most popular video explanations is also about RSS, so if you were waiting for the movie version, you’re in luck.

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Now maybe you’re already technologically-inclined enough that you don’t need “plain English” explanations of wikis or social networking. However, are you comfortable with your zombie attack survival skills? I thought not. Now here’s some information we can all use.

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Be safe out there, and Happy Halloween from the library. Stop by the reference desk on Halloween afternoon for a treat!

Sorry about all the updates: here are the links for the rss video and the zombie video for folks using feed readers.


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