Faculty Art Exhibit

January 29, 2008
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An exhibit of artwork by COCC faculty members will be displayed in the Barber Library’s Rotunda Gallery from Jan. 31through March 14. The public is invited to the opening reception from 4 to 6 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 31.On display will be ceramics by Moe Anderson, Peter Meyer and Sara Krempel; color and black-and-white photographs by George Jolokai , James Hutchens and Mike Wonser; paintings by Judy Hoiness, William Hoppe and Sandy Brooke; mixed-media pieces by Karen Ellis and Terry Gloeckler; and a quilt by Lilli Ann Linford-Foreman.For information, call 383-7514.


Oxford English Dictionary ONLINE

January 23, 2008

So…did anyone stay awake last night pondering about the history of the word “yippee”?  How about the word “blankie”?  Well, thanks to Barber Library’s new subscription to the Oxford English Dictionary Online, you can now solve your etymological quandaries any old time…2 in the morning, 4 in the afternoon…we’re here for you!

Here’s what you do:  get to the COCC Library webpage at http://campuslibrary.cocc.edu/default.aspx.  Look for the pull down menu (towards the middle of the page) for:

Quick Facts: Encyclopedias, Stats, etc.

Use that pull down menu to choose:

Dictionaries, Acronyms, Thesauri

Then scroll down that wonderful list of dictionaries until you see the one and only:

Oxford English Dictionary. 

(Note: you have to be affiliated with COCC to access the OED remotely, but anyone can come into the library and use it).

OK!  Why would you want to use this thing?  Take a look at this:

yippee, n. and int.

 An exclamation of delight or excitement.   
1920 S. LEWIS Main St. 86 She galloped down a block, and as she jumped from a curb across a welter of slush, she gave a student ‘Yippee!’ 1939 R. CHANDLER Big Sleep xii. 80, I was being brought into camp. I was going to yell ‘Yippee!’ 1947 N. MARSH Final Curtain xvi. 246 She said ‘Yip-ee’ like a cow-girl. 1951 J. FLEMING Man who looked Back xvi. 212 He permitted himself a loud ‘Yippee!’ 1961 Guardian 19 Apr. 5/1 Yippee. I’ve been blooded. It’s lovely. 1976 BOTHAM & DONNELLY Valentino vii. 51 Rodolpho let rip a great cowboy yippee. 1980 A. CORNELISEN Strangers & Pilgrims viii. 162 It’s a boy! A boy! Yippee!    Hence as v. intr., to make this exclamation; yi{sm}ppeeing vbl. n.

1938 M. K. RAWLINGS Yearling xxvi. 351 They capered together and shouted and yippeed until their throats were hoarse. 1963 A. LUBBOCK Austral. Roundabout 182 There was bush ballads, and a whistling and yippeeing! 1977 ‘E. CRISPIN Glimpses of Moon v. 69 Clarence Tully hilloed. His sons yippeed.

Isn’t that fabulous?  You get the meaning, spelling etc. but the best thing about the OED is that it provides THE HISTORY of the word from the time it was first used (more or less) to the present!  Oh…and in-context examples for each use are provided too! 

About the word “blankie”…it’s a new addition (as of December 2007).  Here’s the entry:

blankie, n..

nursery and colloq. (chiefly N. Amer.).
 A blanket, esp. a child’s security blanket.
1921 L. W. KLINE & C. J. FRANCE in G. S. Hall Aspects Child Life & Educ. 257 Had a little blanket she would not go to sleep without. She always cried ‘My blankie, my blankie,’ till she got it. 1946 F. M. TEAGARDEN Child Psychol. for Professional Workers vi. 206 The other boys would make fun of him and his ‘blankie’. 1992 USA Today (Nexis) 3 Aug. 2B, Some frequent travelers cope with the stress by bringing along their old blanky or Teddy. 2002 A. CUMMING Tommy’s Tale (2004) 161, I felt woozy with all the comfort:..being at home, on the sofa, under a blankie.

The Library of Congress goes social

January 18, 2008
Mme. Currie and 4 students (LOC)
Mme. Currie and 4 students (LOC)

Originally uploaded by The Library of Congress

There’s been lots of buzz around the new joint project between the Library of Congress and flickr, the photo sharing site we blogged about last year.

The Library of Congress has uploaded several thousand photographs from their collection and invited the public to help tag the photos, to leave comments, and to otherwise enjoy a color photo collection from the 1930s & ’40s as well as a black and white collection of news photos from the 1910s. There has already been an amazing response to the photos–over 1 million views in just two days!

These photos are just a small sample of the many fabulous LOC digital collections like the American Memory Project and the Veterans History Project, but the social features made possible by flickr make this project into something else entirely.  It’s beautiful when history meets technology!

Screening and Discussion of Babel (and free pizza, too) in Honor of MLK Day

January 17, 2008

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is Monday, January 21st. Besides campus being closed on Monday several events are being held at COCC in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day over the next week.

Thursday, January 17th at 5:30 p.m., there will be a viewing of Babel at the Hitchcock Auditorium. Babel stars Brad Pitt and Kate Blanchett and won the 2006 Oscar for Best Motion Picture. Here’s a brief plot synopsis:

“In an instant, the lives of four separate groups of strangers on three continents collide. The lives of an American tourist couple, a nanny illegally crossing into Mexico with two American children, two Moroccan boys responsible for an accidental crime and a rebellious Japanese teen – though linked, all remain isolated due to their inabilities to communicate effectively with those around them. Rated R.”

Pizza will be provided and Sandy Henderson, executive director of BendFilm, will lead a discussion after the movie. The event is free and open to the public.

There are more events coming up, including a couple of lectures and another movie showing. See the complete list of events being held.

Click here for a list of books about Martin Luther King Jr. that you can check out from the COCC library.

Word Cafe Celebrates William Stafford’s Birthday

January 17, 2008

Come and join us to learn more about this distinguished Oregon Poet.  Kit Stafford, daughter of William Stafford, will present the opening remarks at a Word Café honoring the late national poet laureate. The event will begin with a reception at 7 p.m. followed by a program at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 24, at the Barber Library at Central Oregon Community College. Ellen Waterston, COCC’s scholar-in-residence this year, is hosting the event. This Word Café will be devoted to readings of Stafford’s poems.  Refreshments will be served during the event.

Find out more at the COCC website www.cocc.edu Calendar of Events.

Another nifty Google feature…

January 14, 2008

Having travel plans? A Google flight status search may come in handy as part of your preparations!

According to the official Google Blog:

For the latest information on a flight’s status, simply search for an airline and flight number, and the first result will tell you whether your flight is on time or delayed as well as the estimated departure and arrival times. Here’s a quick example for a specific American Airlines flight:


Cool, isn’t it?

Welcome back!

January 8, 2008


Welcome back dear students and staff!  How do you like this incredible snow?  What a start for our winter term!

The snowboarder picture above is from a new web site I would like to share with you. Merriam Webster’s Visual Dictionary is a wonderful resource full of detailed labeled images!  You may search or browse this collection.  Although the number of included entries is not huge, I think you’ll be quite pleased once you find an image you are looking for.