Library It!

A couple of weeks ago Cat blogged about the Library’s newest online resource, the Oxford English Dictionary.  Here’s a great chance for you to try it out:  look up the word Google. 


Well, surprised at the results?  It’s true.  The word “Google” has made it into the OED as a verb, meaning, “To search for information about (a person or thing) using the Google search engine.


Google’s great.  You can find a lot of information there and I use it all the time.  But, you don’t always find everything you need or the best information, especially when you’re doing academic research.  So, I propose a new way of thinking about the library.   

That trusted resource, the OED, tells us that “library” is a noun meaning, “A place set apart to contain books for reading, study, or reference…”  I’m suggesting that you start to think of “library” as an action verb, like Google:

Library, v., “To search for information about anything
using the Library.”

It’d work something like this:  “I libraried my Writing 121 paper topic and found all sorts of useful stuff.”

The resources at the library (we’re not just talking about books, people!  Take a look at our extensive list of e-Journals, Article Databases, and other online resources.) are for much more than reading, study, and reference.  These resources provide you with the raw materials for your research and papers, the know-how for new hobbies & activities, and the knowledge needed to make informed opinions about issues of critical importance.  Most importantly, the raw materials, know-how, and knowledge obtained from the library enable you to take action in everyday life.  Even better, the library comes with professionals trained in the art of helping you find the information you need. 

So, the next time you’ve run into a dead end with Google, or you just aren’t sure you’re getting the best information out there, library your question, and see what you find!


2 Responses to Library It!

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  2. mizinformation says:

    and someday this will be cited as the first established use of library as a verb in the OED

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