Star gazing

scorpius-constellation.jpgDo you love to gaze at the stars in the night sky?  Want to experience some of the beauty of the Universe? I spent more than an hour with my child last night exploring Sky-Map, a web site which presents a detailed map of the sky and a huge collection of images of all objects outside our solar system.  When you are in this web site, use “Show stars above you now” (click on the time icon next to the search box) to enter your location and find all constellations viewable in your area, right above your head!  Want to search for a specific object in the sky?  Just do a search by typing its name in the search box, “Find Object”.  I addition, you’ll find so much more to explore in what’s featured under “Attractive Spots of the Universe”!  And for the real astronomer inside you, this web site is also filled with all kinds of hard-core information to satisfy your whole scientific appetite! 


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