Citations, citations, citations.

After the topic is chosen, the research is completed, the ideas are synthesized, and the paper is written, there is that last important detail that can slow you down – citing your sources correctly. Of course we have books that can help with that — the MLA Handbook, the Chicago Manual of Style, and the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, to name a few.

But the the library also has a page with links to some great online resources. Visit Research and Documentation Online or the University of Wisconsin’s Writing Center if you are looking for thorough explanations and exact information. To truly understand the citation process, these are great sites.

For quicker fixes, there is the Son of Citation Machine and KnightCite, two places where you pick your style, fill out their forms with your information, and they create the citation for you. Of course, both of these cites have disclaimers reminding users that though the citation creators work pretty well, YOU, the writer of the paper, are ultimately responsible for the correctness of you work. So be a little careful, but with most straightforward citations, they work great.

Remember, all these great links can be found in one convenient location, on your library’s homepage.


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