Alert Yourself

Ever wish you had your own private researcher who could scan hundreds of scholarly journals every day and alert you when a new article is published on a certain topic? You can use EBSCO’s RSS feature and have exactly that.

Do you already use a RSS Feed Reader (aka news aggregator of news reader) to stay up on your favorite news sources and blogs? You can use that same tool, combine it with the powerful research capabilities of EBSCO, and be alerted when there are new magazine, journal or newspaper articles on a research topic of interest. Once you’ve set this up, you will see the latest articles as soon as they are made available. And it’s a just a few clicks away.

Choose the EBSCO database of your choice, and perform the search on your topic. (Your search can be as simple or sophisticated as you want. Consult a librarian if you’d like help with this step.) Above your results list, you’ll see the RSS symbol and the words “Create alert for this search.” A pop-up screen displays with the search alert information. Copy the Syndication Feed URL into your newsreader.

You can set up a feed for an entire journal as well. Click the Publications link on the sub-toolbar. Once you have found the desired publication, click the RSS alert icon to the left of the publication name. Of course, there is more you can do. Click on Help once you are in EBSCO, look for the section on Saving Searches and Alerts and you will see even more explanation on how to set up RSS feeds and alerts.

At this time, EBSCO supports the following newsreader programs: My Yahoo!, CustomReader, FeedReader, Wizz RSS, Bloglines, Pluck, Safari 2.0, NetNewsWire, NewsGator, and Google Reader. If you’re not already using a newsreader, check out some of these. It’s a great way to stay up on your news sources without visiting every page.


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