taking a step at a time…

Looking for that perfect topic for your college project?  Well, this first step of your research assignment may not always be as easy as so many students, even instructors, may want to think… So, why not turn to the news for some help?

MSNBC just got a news story about a recent study confirming what most of us have always suspected: “The oldest kid in the family really does bear the brunt of parental strictness, while the younger brothers and sisters generally coast on through.” According to the research findings, the first born is more likely to be the rule-abiding and responsible offspring while younger siblings have a higher tendency to take more risks and get into trouble!

Now, this can be a great research topic for you students out there, especially if you come from or raising families with siblings! Finding something engaging and of personal interest to complete your writing or speech assignment is the first ingredient to a successful project! And since this piece of news certainly caught my attention (I am the youngest of two siblings, plus I am raising two boys with distinct personalities…), I decided to do a quick search on the topic using Summit, one of my favorite tools to use when looking for books! To do my search I used the expression “birth order,” which gave me a list of great titles to pick from. And remember, in Summit these are books (and videos, too) that you can request from other libraries and pick up from the COCC library within 2-3 working days! If you haven’t used Summit before, it’s easy to find the link on the COCC Barber library homepage, under “Books & More: Library Catalogs.”

So, now you got the first two steps of your research project done (topic selection and use of Summit)!  To be continued….


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