what’s up?

Librarian: Hello there! I notice you seem confused and lost.  Can I help?

Student:  Yeah, I am lost.  What happened to all the shelves in the reference section?

Librarian:  We’re moving them around and eliminating some of them in order to make more room for computer stations, large tables, and group study areas.

Student:  But this is supposed to be a library!  Where are all the books, microfilm, and other materials going?

Librarian:  We will still have all those things available.  But we have noticed that more students are coming to the library to get work done either alone or with others– not just to look things up.

Well, that’s how it goes with some of the conversations we are recently having at the reference desk…  Despite the noise on some days, no, this not exactly a construction project for our Barber library!  We are simply trying to find new ways to make our library space more usable and inviting to you, students, by rearranging our stacks, collections, and computer workstations!  Have any ideas to give us?  Are there needs you want us to address in our space rearrangements?  If so, please don’t hesitate to email your suggestions to thovekamp@cocc.edu!  Will be looking for your feedback!


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