A Movement to Make Textbooks Affordable

Not surprisingly, more than a few students have noticed the exorbitant cost of textbooks lately. In fact both the Student Public Interest Research Group (SPIRG) and the U.S. Department of Education backed studies on the issue (see SPIRG’s Exposing the Textbook Industry or Department of Ed’s Affordability of College Textbooks). Both studies found that the average student spends about $900 a year on books, that prices have been increasing at rates that greatly surpass rates of inflation and that the textbook industry has contributed to the problem. Students have been saddled with these expenses for years, but many have decided they’re not going to keep meekly shelling out their money without taking some steps towards change.

Check out SPIRG’s Campaign to Make Textbooks Affordable. Here you will find tons of information, specific steps you can take to improve the situation, and maybe most urgently, the article Five Ways to Save on Textbooks Now, Three Ways to Lower Prices Long Term. Among the useful tips, you will find a link to the non-profit student-to-student site Campus Book Swap which does have some active COCC listings, but could only benefit from more COCC students registering to buy and sell their books directly to each other.

Before you sell those books, check out some of these ideas to see if you can do your part to make textbooks more affordable, not just for you, but for all those students out there struggling to afford their education.


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