Travel the world through this new database…

I love this new database we just subscribed to! The Global Road Warrior (funny name, don’t you think?) is a guide for individuals traveling abroad or companies doing business in foreign countries.  As a Greek myself, I checked to see how accurate this database is for information it provides about my own original country.  My favorite section to explore was “Society & Culture.”  Here is one of the “Stereotypes of Greeks as accepted by Greeks “  I found in that section  – I thought you might appreciate it!

“There are two types of people in the world: Greeks and people who wish they were Greeks.”

By golly, quite true!

This database even has a section for “Essential terms,” important words to use when you travel to the country.  Ok, now practice …“Den katalavéno”;  in Greek it means I don’t understand! This expression may come on handy if you plan on visiting my country soon.


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