The big news for the last post of the term..

Wow!  That’s an interesting piece of news: Encyclopaedia Britannica to Follow Modified Wikipedia Model!  Apparently, Britannica’s latest decision in the midst of growing public perception that it’s becoming increasing irrelevant, is to change directions and use some of the practices of the wiki world (mainly following the example of its major competitor, Wikipedia), now accepting articles from the common people!  According to the article mentioned above, Britannica “is opening up its site to the crowd, but keeping the gates up against the barbarians as far as the official version of the publication concerned… Members of the company’s community of scholars and registered users will be able to post about new topics without intervention, but the company says all articles on new topics will be fact-checked and vetted before appearing in the main edition.”  So, there you go!  Want a sneak preview?  Here is the beta version of the new Britannica!

Along with this, I also want to let you know that our blog is going on vacation for the rest of the summer.  I wish you all a great, relaxing time and hope you’ll be back in the Fall visiting our library blog for many more interesting news!


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