Don’t wait – vote in 2008!

The deadline to register to vote in the presidential election is October 14 for Oregon residents. Not sure if you’re registered yet? Visit the Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division site and use the handy search tool to find out if you’re registered. If you aren’t registered, you can print a voter registration form and return it by mail or in person to the county elections office.

Once you’re registered to vote, you have to make the decision of whom to vote for.

You can visit the official websites of the candidates who will appear on the Oregon ballot:

Democratic candidate – Barack Obama

Republican candidate – John McCain

Green Party candidate – Cynthia McKinney

Peace Party candidate – Ralph Nader

Some news organizations have put together websites that gather their coverage of the campaigns in one place and will help you figure out which presidential candidate is best for you. Both CNN and MSN have excellent websites that are full of information about the candidates, the debates, and the election process. Each site also has convenient, issue-specific election guides that let you compare the candidates. MSN’s is called “Where They Stand” and CNN’s is simply called “Issues.” and are sites that will ask you a series of questions about your stance on issues and how important each issue is to you. They then use your answers and priorities to match you with the best candidate. While both sites are non-partisan (meaning the site itself doesn’t endorse a particular party or candidate), is a commercial site, which means the results of your questionnaire will be accompanied by ads (just click “skip” to get through them).

If you want the facts on the statements that candidates make in their speeches, debates, or commercials, check out or’s Truth-o-Meter. is especially helpful because it checks the facts on commercials put out by non-campaign affiliated groups (like as well. You can even sign up for emails or a RSS feed to get the latest in presidential campaign fact checking.

Oregon ballots are mailed out 14-18 days prior to the election and have to be returned by 8 PM on November 4. Whomever you vote for, make sure your ballot is in by the deadline!


3 Responses to Don’t wait – vote in 2008!

  1. Wade DeBraal says:

    Yes… let it be known that I am a generous man. This is especially true when it comes to sharing my ignorance; of which I have more than any one person needs, with those who will listen. And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling librarians and the fact based reality in which you live (works of fiction not withstanding).

  2. Michele says:

    This is a confusing situation. Nader is an Independent. However, third party candidates have a tough time getting on the ballot in lots of states. So, the Oregon Peace Party collected the necessary signatures to get on the ballot and then nominated Nader as its candidate. I think he’ll appear on the ballot as such ( Similarly, on the California ballot, Nader will appear as the California Peace and Freedom nominee; in New Mexico, he will be the New Mexico Independent Party nominee. In Georgia, he couldn’t get on the ballot, but was given status as an official write-in nominee. It’s hard for these third party candidates to crack the two-party system!

  3. Wade DeBraal says:

    I believe that Ralph Nader is running on the Independant Party ticket… not the Peace Party. Peace 🙂

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