Gaming — with language?

Do you ever find yourself feeling obtuse, gauche, or purblind? Think that “obtuse” is just a mathematical term; “gauche” only a French word for “left”; “purblind” meaning only near-blind? Has anyone ever asked you if you knew you were Insolent or indolent, and you shook your head in agreement to pretend you understood?

Remember the language usage tests like the SAT, ACT, GRE, or placement tests that asked for definitions of words you had never heard? Regrettably for many college students, learning vocabulary words was either avoided or not assigned by teachers in favor of assuming students would learn words within the context, or in the course of reading, stories and essays.

Thank goodness yet one more time for the Internet! If you have a few extra minutes, a little extra time – not too long, two Internet resources teach vocabulary in interesting, fun, visually-oriented, and even philanthropic ways. (Now, there’s a word to look up!)  In fact, interacting on these sites is a form of gaming, only your brain is stimulated at the same time.

So, two of my favorite Internet locales to frequent follow:

1st,  try,” a site that is entertaining, informative, and “for each answer you get right,” 20 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program:


Next, even though several, perhaps countless, dictionaries and thesauri appear online, this one, Visuwords, moves and delights the viewer with multiple colors and depth of information for those who want to dig deeper:


Thank you for your time – and the opportunity to regale you with new information. I hope you enjoy these sites.  Viva vocabulary!


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