Heart Month

February–the month of hearts, love, wine and chocolate!    

Hearts first.  Each year, Congress requires the president to declare February as American Heart Month.   American Heart Association volunteers across the country use this month to share information on heart health and cardiovascular disease.  

So…I started thinking:  what do we have in the library to support heart health?

Well, with multiple Allied Health programs on campus, not to mention a booming Health and Human Performance Department, we are downright flush with heart resources. 

There’s the health professional’s Introduction to Basic Cardiac Dysrhythmias by Sandra Atwood (2009, RC685 .A65 A88—currently on display main floor of the library)

…and numerous electronic books and resources (these are available via COCC campus computers and to COCC students and staff).  Take a look at these (these links take you to the Library’s online catalog–once you’re in the catalog, scroll down to see the link to the electronic text):

The encyclopedia of the heart and heart disease

Cardiac care: an introduction for healthcare professionals

Chronic cardiac care: a practical guide to specialist nurse management

Pathophysiology of disease: an introduction to clinical medicine.

Medical texts not your thing?    
I love  The Heart by James Peto.  (Currently on display, but for future reference, the call number is QM 181 .P48).  More than a book on cardiac health, The Heart discusses the emotional heart, heart anatomy, the broken heart, and heart symbolism.

Then too, there are the other aspects of heart health—nutrition and stress.Get the facts on stress and stress research with:


Principles and practices of Stress Management ed. by Paul Lehrer covers stress concepts, the psychology of relaxation, biofeedback training, music therapy and other approaches to reducing stress.  This is currently on display, but for future reference, the call number is RA785 .P75). 

Too stressed to read?  Try this DVD (also on display—call number for future reference is RA785 .S768): Stress Management for Body, Mind and Spirit (2007).  This DVD provides an opportunity for viewers to learn and experience skills such ad progressive muscular relaxation and mindfulness. 

What about nutrition?  There’s the highly clinical: Williams’ Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy (on display but call number is RM216 .S358 for future reference)

…and the compelling Cultures of the Abdomen: Diet, Digestion, and Fat in the Modern World, edited by Christopher Forth and Ana Carden-Coyne (on display; call number is GT 498 .A24 C85)

…and In Defense of Food; An Eater’s Manifesto by Michael Pollan (call number RA784 .P643).   Check out the chapter: “Escape from the Western Diet”!

Alright—the healthy stuff is covered…on to love, wine and chocolate!    In need of a love poem?  Check out the following websites:

“Poem of the Week” love poems:  http://www.potw.org/byocc.html#love

Poetry org Poetry Valentines: http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/20553

Also see the classic love poems included in our book display!

How about wine?  Take a look at:

Wine: A Scientific Exploration, ed. by Merton Sandler and Roger Pinder (hey…this book also covers wine’s potential role in disease prevention!  See…it’s all related!)   Again, this is on display, but for future look-ups, the call number is: TP 548 .W74.

And the best of all, for last: CHOCOLATE!

Again, these are on our book display:

Chiles to Chocolate: Food the Americas Gave  the World edited by Nelson Foster and Linda Cordell (SB176 .A48 C45)


Death By Chocolate: the Last Word on a Consuming Passion by Marcel Desaulniers.  (TX767. C5).

That should do you for February!  Have a great month! 


One Response to Heart Month

  1. Stacey says:

    Thank you, Cat, for the very informative posting (and the poetry links and books about chocolate!).

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