Welcome back!





ConXn welcomes you back and wishes you all a year full of  success! To help you prepare for the new school year, here are some tips in a 3 minute video clip by analyst Richard St. John:


Do you agree?  What are some of YOUR tips for being successful?  Share with the rest of us your experiences and insights by using the “Comment” link below.

Also, here is a quick reminder on what ConXn is… ConXn is YOUR blogging community,  an interactive space where COCC students, staff, and faculty share their collective interests, wisdom, or expertise to connect and intellectually stimulate us all. Have an idea for a blog post you wish to contribute? Please email Stacey Donohue, sdonohue@cocc.eduNo prior blog posting experience required! We are looking forward hearing from you!


One Response to Welcome back!

  1. Zelda Ziegler says:

    I’d like to add
    Community! You don’t succeed alone. Remember where you came from and cultivate your alliances! You don’t get into professional schools without a letter of recommendation. Be thinking about how you are perceived because it will be important to you someday.

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