What’s in my Google Reader?

By Stacey Donohue, Humanities

Google Reader is an excellent resource for bookmarking blogs and other websites with regular updates so that you do not have to visit each site separately (Ralph Phillips has a great post on how to use Google Reader, if you want more information).  Here are a few of my favorite academic/book related sites:

  1. ProfHacker is a blog hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education, with daily postings by various professors on issues related to teaching and learning.  This posting was a particularly interesting one on Leading Effective Classroom Discussions on Controversial Issues. Another great post was on Revising Google Docs for Classroom Use. But they also have fun postings, such as lunch recipes for busy professors.
  2. Arts and Letters Daily is one of those resources that can eat up hours of your life.  Hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education, this site provides links to magazine, newspaper articles, websites, etc. on topic that go far beyond higher education.  It’s an incredible, and free, source for information about what’s happening in the world of ideas.
  3. Bookforum’s daily blog posting is a compilation of book reviews and articles related to new books. They usually post a series of related links several times a day.  Since I don’t have time to read all of these books, it’s my way of keeping up with the books I wish I had time to read.
  4. Inside HigherEd’s daily postings are many (up to 15 new ones a day), but with Google Reader, I can skim through the headlines and decide which ones to read.  Articles on community colleges are common here, and worth the read (you may have received one I forwarded since I forward many!).
  5. Finally, when I need a new project to work on (usually in the summer) I check out UPenn’s Call for Papers: here I can find information about upcoming conferences and book/article projects. Most of my conference presentations and publications are a result of finding the “call” on this website.

These are just a few of the academic resources I check regularly, but I’d love to hear about more, so post your suggestions in the comments!


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