Publish Your Own Book for Kindle

by Ralph Phillips, CIS

You’re definitely going to want to do this. Write a book and make it available for purchase from the Amazon Kindle Store. It doesn’t cost anything to get an account at Amazon or to upload books for sale.

You can write your book using any number of tools and then use a conversion service that will put it into an ideal format as an electronic book. Or, you can write your book using e-book friendly HTML (the language for web pages). Writing HTML is not tough and you could use a free tool like Notepad++ for the writing.

When a copy of your book sells, you get a percentage of the sale price as royalty minus the fees for wireless delivery. The fees depend on the size of your book in kilobytes. Definitely check the pricing information provided for the most accurate costs, but as of 10/5/10 an author would get about $6.25 for a book that was 410 kilobytes and sold in the US and UK amazon stores for $8.99.

Kindle  books at Amazon

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