My Daily Read: Brett Yost

April 12, 2012

Brett has been teaching as a part-time Instructor of Mathematics at COCC for six years.  Brett has a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Princeton University. 


ConXn: What is the first thing you read in the morning?

Brett: The online New York Times is probably the only consistent thing I look at each morning.  I follow at least 15 blogs religiously but they update irregularly or infrequently.  I do feel that the best journalism is being done on nontraditional outlets like blogs but the New York Times is still worth following.

ConXn: What newspaper and magazines do you subscribe to or read regularly? What do you read in print versus online versus mobile?

Brett:  I subscribe to the online editions of the New York Times and Orion Magazine.  I regularly look at various climbing, bicycling and gardening/homesteading magazines  when I’m in the library or happen across them other places.  I also really like the magazine Adbusters which I contribute to because I believe strongly in commercial free media.  We used to get the weekly version of the Guardian in the mail, which is my favorite newspaper, however it is very expensive and always a week behind on current events.  We don’t get any print media delivered to our home anymore. – whoops except I forgot Games Magazine, which is not available online.

ConXn: What books have you recently read?

Brett:  Most recently I finished this years Novel Idea pick Rules of Civility as well as Home Game by Michael Lewis about his experiences as a new parent.  Currently I’m reading Searching for Whitopia, a look at living in gated communities.  Recent memorable reads include Guitar Zero, Welcome to Your Child’s Brain, from Conception to College and the The Compass of Pleasure, all about learning and the brain. Also The Spirit Level and Farm City, Education of an Urban Farmer.

My 7 year old daughter and I have been reading the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary.  I have found these exceptionally well written and poignant and I’m really struck by how wonderful it has been to experience these with her.

ConXn: Has your reading of professional journals changed in the past 10 years? If so, how?

Brett: I don’t really read any journals.

ConXn: Do you use Twitter?

Brett: No, I don’t have a cell phone and don’t know anything about Twitter.  It seems like it has become important with the Occupy movement and the Arab Spring and other activism like the Susam G Komen/ Planned Parenthood flap, but I’m totally out of the loop on Twitter.

ConXn: Do you blog?

Brett: no

ConXn: What are the guilty pleasures in your media diet?

Brett:  Some of the blogs I follow are mostly entertainment.  There are a lot of good puzzles and logic games online.  I watch a little TV each week.  I listen to some of the entertainment shows on OPB but I don’t support them financially anymore because NPR news shows make me so angry.  So I feel a little guilty about that.