Welcome to the Central Oregon Community College campus blog, ConXn! We are located at 2600 NW Campus Drive, Bend, OR, in the nortwest area of this growing city!

Mission Statement:

This blog is a place to showcase the talent and interests of COCC faculty, staff, and students. It is an interactive space where the COCC community will share its collective wisdom, expertise, research, or personal interests and accomplishments to connect and intellectually stimulate us all.

Postings will include a discussion of ideas, thoughts and solutions that arise from our own musings, teaching experiences, subject matter, or from responses to questions posed by others. Whether you are interested in hearing insider perspectives on the latest scientific discoveries, book readings, technology trends, provocative issues in psychology, sociology, criminal justice and in health care fields—or perhaps looking for career, educational, or other advice from our expert COCC staff: this college blog, ConXn, is your blogging community.

Postings in this blog will remain educational in nature and will reflect the respect our community shares for well- informed as well as diverse sets of view points.

This COCC blog is an initiative launched by the following COCC people: Tom BarryMichele DeSilva;Stacey Donohue; Lynne Hart; Tina Hovekamp; Andria Woodell; and Zelda Ziegler. If you are one of our COCC faculty, staff, or students and you are interested in becoming a contributing blogger, let us know. We need you! You can contribute one blog post or one hundred, whatever you want! Also, you may let us know what you love to do or what you would love to learn about, and we can make that the subject of one of our next posts! Either way, just email Stacey Donohue or any other of the people who manage this blog (see names above) to get more information or talk about an idea for a posting.

Guidelines for submission

The COCC blog is a formal, public presentation of information with an educational content representing the richness of our campus community knowledge and experience. Postings follow the guidelines below:

1. are one to two single spaced pages. Submissions can be short and concise.
2. may involve descriptions of faculty research projects
3. may involve a “theme” to which different faculty or staff contribute based on their knowledge and expertise
4. are descriptions or reflections on classroom successes
5. are discussions based on staff expertise with a purpose to educate
6. provide an overview of collaborative projects both within and between departments
7. are thoughtful, educational, objective reflections connected to COCC’s educational mission.
8. and most importantly, are fun and interesting to engage a wide spectrum of audiences!

Because of the public nature of this blog, postings such as political advocacy commentaries, opinion pieces, general or other internal-related announcements will be directed to the COCC Staff Commlines or Water Cooler folder. Please feel free to submit your ideas for a post to sdonohue@cocc.edu.


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